shutterstock_270497225There is an ocean of keyboards being clicked. Stories and storytellers waiting to be read,  appreciated and validated that their passion means more than just a hobby but it has truly been a way of life.

Some are worth seeing for their entertainment value, some of their stories are entertaining, heart-wrenching and even inspiring. Yet many out there uses this medium as nothing more than a place to flaunt experiences that falls into mundane lenses, bland descriptions and mediocre pieces that makes you spend second (even minutes) of your life that you would never get back.

Bloggers these days come in many shapes and forms, there is the social media Czars, individuals who have gathered an army of followers that supply the immediacy of satisfaction making people believe that they are the trend setter of this generation. Then there are the bloggers that thrive on opinions, sometimes the more negative they are the more popular they get, though that is not the general rule of thumb.

What we aim to do week after week is to give you a taste of those whose talents go unnoticed yet they continue to post relevant and beautiful work. We will try to scour as many bloggers as we can and make an effort to showcase their work for a whole month. So tune in, the next blog we feature may as well be yours.

blog-4Take look at this wonderful photography blog, Shoot Tokyo (photos shot by Dave Powell), entitled Odd Hours” which is shot entirely with Leica Monochrom with a Summicron 28mm f/2.0, Summilux 50mm f/1.4 and Noctilux 50mm f/0.95. 

I’d say ‘enjoy’ but that would be an understatement.



Cruises are featured a lot times, but there is a certain appeal about taking a river cruise through the most fascinating cultures in South East Asia.

Join Read Chris and Angela from in their adventure  “A week on Mekong River Cruise”



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