Japan Diaries


Over the past few years, we at Venture have come to realize the truth behind Japan Tourism’s Slogan, “Endless Discoveries.”

Growing up, Japan has always been in the background, influencing our way of life without us even noticing it.  I’ve watched anime since I was a kid, was enthralled with Japanese movies from Akira Kurosawa (though I must confess, I hardly understood the plot when I was 10 years old, I just liked the way the movie looked). Our house had 50% percent or more of the appliances with Japanese sounding names, our car was either a toyota or a mitsubishi.

When we got a chance to visit Japan was like meeting your idol, figuratively. The reserved excitement, the antipation that built up was something that I stored away for a long time until the opportunity became a reality.

At present, we have been to Japan more than 6 times in the last two years, we have visited, Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kansai and Kanto Regions. From the big metropolitan cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama and Nagoya, to quaint little cities of Hirosaki, Morioka, Onomichi. They truly deserve their slogan of “Endless Discoveries.”

We have published several articles regarding our travels in the past, but this year, we wanted to give our readers a bigger glimpse from the country that has been garnering all the raves from travelers that has grown to love Japan.

There is no question, people go to Japan for the food, with it having the most number of Michelin star restaurants than any other asian country, they come for the culture, experiencing the best of Japanese hospitality and also for the unique activities that you can relish, from luxury and bargain shopping, skiing and trekking to visiting unique museums that showcases different eras and aspects of the country’s history.

So sit back and enjoy the weekly articles about Japan and different guest bloggers that we will be featuring in this section starting with some of our trips that we have made over the past year.


It is well known for its countryside, mountains, lakes, hot springs, high quality rice and rough winters.