Where to Cockatoo?

I was privileged to get a chance to travel to the prefecture of Kanagawa in Japan. Kanagawa is like the little brother of Kanto, in which Tokyo is a part of and it is located in the Southern part of Kanto.

The capital city of Kanagawa is Yokohama, a city that is considered a cosmopolitan and was historically crucial in introducing the world to Japan and vice versa.

A little bit of History.

1953-54  - Japan opened her doors to foreign trade and Kanagawa ward was the official port of entry.

June 2, 1859 - Yokohama was named as the official port of entry because the Shogunate felt that Kanagawa ward was too close to Tokkaido

The rest is History. Yokohama became the melting pot of Japan, it gave birth to Western and Chinese traders and thereby giving it
a very eclectic community.

People who have never been to Japan, will most likely seek to experience the bustling city of Tokyo or the famous temples and theme parks in other cities and this behavior is not exclusive to travelers to Japan but for anyone who travels to a country for the first time.

I am no exception, except I have been to Japan and her countryside more often than even most Japanese I know, so when my host asked me what I wanted to do in Kanagawa, I said I know what I did NOT want to do. Not that Sea Paradise, Sankien Garden, and Nissin’s Ramen museum are not fine places, on the contrary, I enjoyed my time when I was there BUT I would not go there for a 2nd time on a Fam trip (maybe I would with family given the chance).

So I appreciate my host, Megumi San of the Yokohama City Visitor’s Board for taking the time to plan an elaborate itinerary that suits our namesake, VENTURE. 

When I learned that the plan included some activities like kayaking, stand up paddle, biking and even camping, I got really excited. It was as if I forgot that I was 45 years old, because when I told my wife about it, her initial response was, “Make sure you get Insurance.”

Shoulda, Woulda, Garuda?

When planning to go to Japan or any country where a flight will take more than 4 hours on a plane, it is good to invest on comfort if you want to arrive with adequate rest than a budget airline would offer. Garuda airlines offer Jakarta to Haneda airport on a red-eye flight from 11:45 pm.

With that being said, I was enthused at the idea at leaving from the new terminal 3 in Jakarta, however, my enthusiasm was quickly extinguished at the scarcity of the availability of stores inside the airport. Though there are many eating establishments during check-in, most likely to cater to the tradition of having families seeing their loved ones off, but after the immigration checks the stores were limited to duty free shops and a few restaurants or maybe it was just me looking for the wrong things, like Lays potato chips and electronic shops with all the shiny toys to browse.

So I settled on catching up with some Game of Thrones and nearly dozed off and almost missed my flight.

Once boarded the Garuda plane, I was so pleased with leg room I was able to almost “starfish” stretch throughout the flight. The great thing about riding a red-eye flight is that it will pass you by without even noticing it, I fell asleep most of the flight and when we landed in Haneda I did not feel as tired as when I flew using a budget airline the last time.


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