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The tiny islands of Ambon, Banda, Saumlaki, Ternate, and Tidore – among the thousands of islands in the Moluccas seas,- changed the course of world history from the 15th century onwards. These islands were what triggered the European Age of Exploration. Now, it’s time for us to explore the islands.


It takes four hours flight time from Jakarta to Ambon, including a 30-minute transfer in Makassar. Garuda Indonesia  is the best choice to fly. With each seat provided with a personal TV full of in-flight entertainment and two full meals each way, long flights are made much more comfortable.
Check out Garuda Holidays for holiday packages including hotel accommodations and guided tours of Ambon.
From Ambon, to go to Kei Islands, fly by Wings Air, Trigana Air or Merpati Air to Langgur (LUV).

The flight takes around an hour and a half. Another option is to take the PELNI Ship, which usually takes around eighteen hours sailing time from Ambon to Tual.

GETTING AROUND – It’s easier to go around Ambon with a rented car. An Avanza rental costs Rp. 500,000/day including gas and driver. Go to their website.



In Ambon, you can stay in SWISS- BELHOTEL AMBON at Jalan Benteng Kapaha, Ambon, Indonesia, Tel: +62-911-322888. This four-star international chain hotel is located in the center of Ambon City, easily accessible to and from all business, leisure and tourist destinations. The multi-storey building set high atop the city enables you to enjoy splendid views of the mountains and the sea from your bedroom windows. The hundred and eleven- room hotel is complete with Wi-Fi and other amenities such as restaurants, a spa, and fitness center will make your stay more pleasurable.


In Kei Islands, accommodations are mostly available in Tual, Langgur, and some beaches. My choice is SAVANA COTTAGES at Ohoidertawun. It has only four basic cottage-style rooms with a shared bathroom. Rate starts Rp. 150,000/room/ night and offers dinners for Rp. 50,000/person. Bookings can only be made by texting the owner, Mr. Gerson at 081343083856. But since the mobile phone signal is bad, you can just go there and take a chance if there are vacancies. If they are full, go to Pasir Panjang Beach where there are a few budget guesthouses.



Ambon Island and its surrounding islands have amazing underwater dive spots. If you have a scuba diving license, contact Pari Divers, Jalan Wolter Monginsidi, Halong Air Besar, Ambon


Rujak Natsepa

This is a kind of rujak that can be found in Ambon. The Ambonese say, if you go to Natsepa and have not eaten the rujak, then you haven’t eaten Ambonese rujak. Natsepa is the name of a beach in Ambon. From the city of Ambon, travel by car approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour with a distance of 19.9 kilometers and there you can find Natsepa.


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