In 2013, I made my very first trip to Japan when the JR company invited Venture to experience the winter season in Hokkaido.

This year we have the privilege of being invited again by the JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) to see and experience the some of the amazing scenes of Hokkaido during the autumn.

I have come to a full circle, as I return to the prefecture that made Japan as one of my favorite travel destinations in the world.

What better way to jump-start the Japanese experience than to travel with the country’s premiere airline, Japan Airlines.

“JAL was founded in 1951 and operates from primary hubs at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport (HND) and Narita International Airport (NRT). A member of the Oneworld alliance, Japan Airlines flies to more than 90 destinations and has codeshare agreements with about 30 other carriers. About 35 of its destinations are domestic. International destinations include 20 countries across Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America. Japan Airlines has a fleet of 166 narrow- and widebody Airbus and Boeing airplanes. Cabin configurations vary according to the type of the plane and whether it is used for domestic routes, international short-haul routes or international long-haul routes.” – Seatguru

Japan Airlines have a lot to offer the Indonesian travelers with the new Boeing 777. The plane comes with 4 classes, the First class or the JAL SUITE, the Business class or the JAL SKY SUITE, the Premium Economy, and the Economy Class.

The JAL SUITE is a class like no other with design that is aimed to help you arrive at your destination well rested with their newly designed compartment that makes you forget that you are sailing above the clouds. img_first

The JAL SKY SUITE is a business class scene with all of the JAL SUITE (1st class) amenities and service.

img_mainPremium Economy provides you with more comfort and privacy for your pleasure, it may actually make you think that you are flying business class.img_businessy

Last, but not least, you’ll be pleased to know that the economy class is still a cut above the rest with expanded leg room for a more comfortable flight.img_figure1

Japan Airlines flies from Jakarta to Narita twice a day (6:30 and 21:55) and have same day connecting flights to the US.

Since I am flying in the Economy Class, here are a few things that are good to know:

Audio: It offers the latest pop songs, to traditional Japanese Monologues (rakugo). First and Business class are offered noise cancellation headphones so if you are into that, bring your own in economy.

Video: That’s a given, they come with the latest videos on demand but limited TV series to catch up (but none of the classics). I do like watching a Japanese flick every now and then, but for a red-eye flight, maybe not.

AC Power: Ah, the most important amenity in a plane in this gadget era. They come with outlets and USB ports for your phones and laptops (no Note 7 please… too soon?)

Internet: Like most things life, it is available, but it does not come free. However if you do need it and you have a connecting flight to the US, I suggest get the 24 hour service since you can get use the login info on the next flight, I cannot comment on the speed though.

Food: It’s good if you are hungry, but taking the red-eye you don’t really get much, so it is a good idea to eat dinner before hand. Other than that the food is fine, not ‘wow’, but just ok.

We arrived at 7 am in Narita, the flight was smooth, the seats were comfortable enough to get a decent amount of sleep and I must say they kept good on their promise on the legroom space, I slept so much more comfortable in this plane than any of their competitors.

Now, the adventure begins.


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