Family Travel Ideas In Yokohama

The first day in Yokohama is like the awkward first date. You smile, you get to know each other’s story, you see some things to keep you interested enough to ask for a second date.
The second date is going out, seeing if you jive. See if you can have fun together, making each other smile. So this time around we fill our day with fun activities.
Yokohama is not the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, nor is it the hub for vacation hunters looking for theme parks, museums and 100 year old temples (though they have their own share of those to) but is a city that is vibrant and full of life and it marches to the beat of its own vibe. If you are traveling with your family, you would probably enjoy these places more since you are traveling with kids and teenagers who are looking for fun things to do.

Hakkeijima Sea ParadiseAquarium 2

We decided to spend a few hours in the Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, which is the “Sea World” version complete with rides, shows and restaurants. They have enough to keep up the excitement, have relaxing and keep life the kids interested.

Getting there early enough, does give you an advantage over the crowds, and the Japanese love their theme parks.

Enjoying the aquarium shows:

Being early has its advantages, and one of them is avoiding the crowd at the Aqua Museum. Watch aquatic creatures like dance in a gigantic museums, where schools of fish “perform”, imagine the scene of school of fish impersonating Marlin, and you kind of get the idea.

Dolphin show2

They may look like Orca...
They may look like Orca…

It is also fascinating seeing the feeding times of great walruses and if the time is right… the feeding of the polar bear which we missed since we were too early.

After the aquarium, the dolphin show is considered the highlight of the day. It is a 30 minute show with spectacular aerial feats by these incredible mammals. Personally, everything from the seals’ and the beluga whales performances were equally amazing.

 Around the park:

We only had a couple of hours to kill during our stay, but the park offers more for the visiting family in the form a variety of activies like:

Paradise Cruise

1) Fishing, 2) Feeding the Dolphins 3) amusement rides like the Blue Fall, the Surf Coaster: Leviathan, Barrel roll (to name a few) and the Paradise Cruise which sails around the complex.

How to get there:

Hakkeijima Station of Seaside Line with a beautiful seaside scenery are nearby station. Keihin Kyuko Line “Kanazawa Hakkei station” and JR Negishi Line “Shin-sugita station” are connected with the “Seaside line”.


Nissins Cup Noodle Museum

cup noodles museumIf you have been to college or alone on a rainy day or even got hungry in a long haul flight or just flat out felt the urge for a hot cup of noodles, chances are you grabbed a product that was patented by the man known as Momofoku Ando.

Many of us, me included, easily dismiss the contribution of this man to the world. While many remember the works of inventors like Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Edison, Momofoku Ando is merely whispered among one of the most influencial inventors of the world.

His invention? The cup noodles.

Going to the Cup Noodles Museum gives you a chance to realize how much this product has influenced the whole world. From Momofoku’s age when he invented it (he was 48), to cetain tweaks that made it the success that it is today.

Lewis Tse Pui Lung :

Aside from the history of the museum, it has other activities that you can participate in like, creating your own design and flavor of cup noodles and for bigger groups, learning how to make the noodles itself.

The museum is fun, quirky and full of interesting facts and once your finished with this little excursion, the Yokohama Cosmo World is right across the street.

Getting there

By train
・8 minute walk from the Minatomirai line Minatomirai Station
By bus
・3 minute walk from the Minatomirai 100 yen bus World Porters stop

Cosmo World


This amusement center a prominent image on the Yokohama skyline. It is is reasonably priced, easily accessed and extremely family friendly.

It is family friendly and even divided into age groups. It is a very scenic place making it a very romantic and pleasant walk, and you don’t need to worry about entrance fees, there is none, the park charged per ride so it can get as affordable or as pricey as you want it to be with adult rides ranging from ¥700 (USD 7) and children’s attraction about ¥500 (USD 5).

whatsshakinoverseas.files.wordpress.comThe “Kids Carnival Zone,” features appropriate for the youngest ages. Family members are allowed to accompany them on the rides. The Cycle Monorail, which gives brave kids the opportunity for a bird’s eye view of the area.

It is walking distance to a number of bars, shops, and also walking distance from Chinatown. A ride on the Cosmo Clock 21 at night would be a wonderful date spot, as the night lights of the area are particularly beautiful.

Take note though that the park is closed on Thursday.


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