Japan Diaries: Yokohama

People who travel to Japan for the first time, usually crams everything in the few days that they have. Trying everything out from Theme Parks to expensive Sushi restaurants to riding the Shinkansen to Sakura Season and shoppingwith your lavish (or limited) budget.

collage TokyoAll within Tokyo or Osaka, depending where they land. The idea of taking things slow seems to be unheard of, then by the time you return, you realize there were some things that you wished that you did but you could not.
Then a second trip comes up and then a third, after a certain number of frequency, you crave to discover different parts of Japan now, a different prefecture with different food, people and history.

This is our Japan Diaries.


Our Cliff Notes version on HistoryOld Yokohama

    1. Before 1858, Yokohama, was an unnoticed fishing village, in Kanagawa.
    2. American Commodore, Matthew Perry (not the F.R.I.E.N.D.S actor) convinced the powers that be to make Yokohama as an international port.
    3. When everything was signed foreign traders were allowed to settle in Yokohama and ONLY Yokohama. The Gaijin (foreign traders) traders were mainly Americans, Brits and Chinese.
    4. The Chinese eventually built their own Chinatown (as the often do) and the westerners took prime real estate and made luxurious homes for themselves.
    5. These traders were responsible in giving Japan the first train terminus.

Yokohama Syline
Though, the Kantō Earthquake in 1923 and the air raids in WWII devastated the city both times, but the resiliency of its people both locals and foreigners used the rubble to reclaim the land resulting in Yamashita Kōen and the coast of Yokosuka. The late 20th century sa the development of the some iconic skyscrapers and the Yokohama Harbor.

yokohama FIFA 2002

Yokohama even became the host city of the 2002 FIFA world cup.


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